Map: Sky City

Mambo's™ Sky City NMHC Build of Doom™

DU: 0/170 MU: 0/170

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Build Status: Public

Difficulty: Nightmare

Game Mode: Campaign

AFK Able: No

Mana Used: 0

Mana to Upgrade: 0

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Welcome to:
Mambo's™ Sky™ City™ NMHC™ Build™ of™ Doom™!


HINT / Wave #1 --

  • 3 full aura stacks -- Ensnare Eelectric Strength auras near each of the 3 crystals.
  • At mid near Forge area, and lay down a partial stack of Eelectric Strength auras, as well as a Heal aura.
  • 3x 4DU Buff Beams at each of the 3 full aura stacks.
  • At mid  2x 4DU Buff Beams at each end of the stair case horizontally and 2x 5 DU Buff Beams across the stair case vertically.
  • [OPTIONAL] If you've got any mana left(should have 50-60) then place one archer at either of the 4x DU Beam.
  • Once done, should have enough time to switch to Jester/Upgrader. Start the Wave.
  • During the wave, stay at mid and max out all the 3 auras at mid -- Electric+Strength+Heal and any buffs you can.
  • BUT MAKE SURE TO SAVE MANA before the wave ends.
  • (IMPORTANT) The Auras and Buffs near Crystals remain untouched and unupgraded THROUGHT THE ENTIRETY OF THE GAME.

HINT / Wave #2 --

  • Switch to your Summoner and place down 3x Archers + 1 mage + 1 spider on each of the 4x Buff Beams to basically cut off acces to the staircase  and prevent ogres from coming through.
  • Switch to your Mage/ASdept and place down Lightning Towers in a 3 X 3 Grid such that all LTs are buffed, remember we placed 2x 5DU Buff Beams, so placement for LTs should be easy with some practice.
  • If you've DU left(there should be), then place Reflects/Traps in next wave.

HINT / Wave #3 --

  • Switch to your Jester/Upgrader before every combat wave. Finish up placing any towers/minios you've missed out and begin the DOOM!
  • Upgrade whatever you can, maxing out everything will be hard becasue its the build of DOOM, things get fried long before they even reach you.
  • Again remember -- Auras and Buffs near Crystals remain untouched and unupgraded THROUGHT THE ENTIRETY OF THE GAME.
  • Feel free to repair them, of course. And stay at mid at all times until boss wave.

HINT / Wave #4 to END --

  • KILL THE BOSS AND ENJOY THE LOOT. (psst, not really!)


End note #1: I don't know if I can edit the description later, but I will upload a build video after I've done recording and editing it.
End note #2: Yes, I know the description text formatting was obnoxious and over the top, but its on purpose, coz this is the BUILD™ OF™ DOOM™! :D
End note #3: This works perfectly well in NMHC Survival Mix Mode as well.
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22 April 2017

I really like the idea of using the Hints as wave numbers ^^

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23 April 2017

Yep :D Oh hey, if you read it -- would be nice to add an option to notify users of comment activity on their builds! :)

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23 April 2017

Thought about that, but i would have to do a system on this site. Perfect would be a steam pm but sadly you would have to have a bot in your friendlist because only friends can PM you :/

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25 April 2017

I see, perhaps add one more thing -- make the list of up-votes on builds as visible to public! :D

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25 April 2017

You deserved a thumbs down for the clickbait build name.

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27 April 2017

Yay for the notification system :p

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27 April 2017

How is it clickbait Pjtor, its is the BUILD OF DOOM [for enemies]!! :D

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10 May 2017

I liked the build more when we threw random towers down with builder jester on the go for survival. :D