Map: Town In The Cliffs

Armor Cooker 9000

Author: Traxar

DU: 0/110 MU: 0/110

Disable Tower | Highlight Tower (Not Working for Chrome):
Required Hero Stats
Hero HP Damage Range Rate
Apprentice 0 9000 4500 4500
Monk 0 0 9000 0

Build Status: Public

Difficulty: Ascension

Game Mode: Survival

Hardcore: No

Ruthless: Yes

Mix Mode: No

AFK Able: No

Time Per Run: ~19min

Mana Used: 0

Mana to Upgrade: 0

More Builds from Traxar

This build requires relatively high stats (monk range + app damage). The stats given are mine, it is probably doable with lower stats though. It is made to be quick to build and give fast wave times.

Start W17 bring 3 chars. 2 of which are boost summoners, rate+range and rate+damage. (Poly booster pets needed!)
B17: Build all. The app towers and the buff beam are placed on top of the poles of the bridge. No need to upgrade during buildphase. Switch to TB monk and start wave.
W17: Bring rate+range summoner into position so it boosts LTs and the aura. Move rate+damage summoner to the DST stack. Start TB and upgrade as much as you can.
B18: Switch TB monk for summoner. I am using a summoner with an upgrader djinn and a mana collection pet.
W18+: Run around collecting mana (automatically upping) and flash healing the aura and sometimes west wall when needed. To speed up the wave you can also summon kobolds with all you summoners. When the wave is about to end and you see there might be mobs outside of the DST range, temporarily move the rate+range booter to the DST stack.

Dont be hesitant to reset the run, as building is very quick. I usually reset atfer W25.

Usually W17-W25 takes me under 22min.