Map: The Tinkerers Lab

15-24 Armor Farm

Author: Bae Suzy

DU: 0/145 MU: 0/145

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Build Status: Public

Difficulty: Ascension

Game Mode: Survival

Hardcore: No

Ruthless: Yes

Mix Mode: No

AFK Able: No

Time Per Run: 36mins-50mins

Mana Used: 0

Mana to Upgrade: 0

More Builds from Bae Suzy

This build requires high stats 9k ish with 4 void on your aura and apprentice. Ev with at least 3 Divine with 4k or more hp. If you got a nice tdmg trap you can use ethereal instead of gas. Using gas is much safer than ethereal but your runs are much faster with ethereal.

Move the gas traps closer to the crystal using Jester.
Wave 15-17 I use Upper and TB. 
Wave 18- 24 I use 4 summ 2 dps and 2 booster.
1st Dps summ eye+genie
2nd Dps Summ eye+ airplane or eye+eye
1st Booster summ Destructive+Speedy (Damage and Rate)
2nd Booster summ Speedy+Expansive (Rate and Range)
Move 1st Booster to hint 1, move 2nd booster to hint 2, move 2nd Dps to hint 3.

On wave 18 onwards, use flash heal to repair your minions,turrets,auras and traps.