Map: Sky O' Love

Lover's Paradise (Stuck mobs begone)

Author: Sand

DU: 0/90 MU: 0/90

Disable Tower | Highlight Tower (Not Working for Chrome):
Required Hero Stats
Hero HP Damage Range Rate
Apprentice 0 7400 5000 5700
Monk 0 0 9000 0

Build Status: Public

Difficulty: Any

Game Mode: Campaign

Hardcore: No

Ruthless: No

AFK Able: No

Mana Used: 0

Mana to Upgrade: 0

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Stats are lowest stats tested.

You will likely need to adjust strength drain auras based on your range stat.

hint 1's both need guard summoners with monk+hunt split boosting the auras and towers.

Your auras ideally need to cover two spawns each.