Map: Wintermire

LazyMire Coal

Author: LazyHex

DU: 0/140 MU: 0/140

Disable Tower | Highlight Tower (Not Working for Chrome):
Required Hero Stats
Hero HP Damage Range Rate
Apprentice 800 4500 300 300
Monk 3000 2000 4000 2000
Ev 2000 2000 600 600
Summoner 4000 0 0 0

Build Status: Public

Difficulty: Nightmare

Game Mode: Campaign

AFK Able: No

Time Per Run: 10 mins

Mana Used: 0

Mana to Upgrade: 0

More Builds from LazyHex

Hint 1: Place auras so they will touch buff beam.

Hint 2: Place Minions Here, make sure ogres are in front of stone wall and mages arnt too close.

Hint 3: appentice tower stack. Face at least 1 in all directions on first wave if you are not dpsing.

Upgrade buff beams then towers then minons.

Swap To Ev Dps for boss wave.