Map: Moonbase

NMHC Survival with mix mode option off (triple trap stack) single core south

Author: stealthkiller22

DU: 0/105 MU: 0/105

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Build Status: Public

Difficulty: Nightmare

Game Mode: Survival

Mix Mode: Yes

AFK Able: No

Mana Used: 0

Mana to Upgrade: 0

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EDIT: removed darkness trap added additional gas near left wall up on stairs to catch more djinn this gives the lt towers protection from getting damaged toward the end of wave less flash heal more afk

similar to my build on mix mode i modified build to cater for  regular mode  recommend to watch video for placements 

might make video just specific to this mode where you would have mix mode off 

trap placement is different on right side wall i will have them all just touching from the edge as i will have triple stack of traps over there  /inferno/gas/prox to help clear the lane 

dont have to resize any aura or have any temp tower placements make sure you place auras south of crystals close to stairs where the ev wall will be highly recommend you view video for tower placements


Hint one 9 archers on 6 du buff beam 4 du buff beam behind archer line 2 mages one each corner of beam spider to the left corner of beam as ogres get agro to left side of archers 

this will have a triplestack of traps gas inferno  and prox huntress FTW 

Hint 2 3 du ev wall with 4 du buff 

Hint 3 6 du buff beam hard to see on planner but must be placed on angle from top of stairs all the way to the other corner i will make a video so it much easier to see hard to see placement on planner this will have 9 archers wall on a angle the mages will sit corner of beam off LT stack beam to heal archers one prox one gas placed on top of stairs to catch djinn this will help with the djinn rush so u can be more afk during the djinn rush instead of constant flash heals towards end of wave

hint 4  4 1 du reflect beams covering LT stack beam  

hint 5 5 du buff beam on angle behind crystal this will be the 5 LT stack powered with poon tower

can start wave 14 -18 up to you maybe start even lower if your towers arent super strong  make sure you dont upgrade any buff beams until 2 crystals have been destroyed dps left side ogre first then right side once both crystals down begin upgrading all beams priority of minion walls into LT tower stack then last beam with ev wall then u can upgrade whatever you like after that you might have to make your own priorities pending on your stats 


toward end of each wave u will need to flash heal  since to much djinn does alot damage to LTS


summoner  4.1k/5.3k health damage range and rate around 1600 to 2200

trapper 2.5k/5.3k/2600/2900 

auras 2.5k/5.1k/2.5k/2k something 

squire 2.2k/5.4k/2400/2800

adept 3.1k/5k/2k something/2.7k 

ev waller 4.1k/5.1k/1600/2k something