Map: Embermount Volcano

Trap based very high stats recommended (max 2 player) haven't test 3 or 4

Author: stealthkiller22

DU: 0/120 MU: 0/120

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Required Hero Stats
Hero HP Damage Range Rate
Huntress 2500 5800 2500 2400
Monk 2400 5000 2500 2300
Ev 4100 5100 1800 2300
Summoner 4000 5700 1800 2400

Build Status: Public

Difficulty: Nightmare

Game Mode: Campaign

AFK Able: No

Mana Used: 0

Mana to Upgrade: 0

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EDiT : this also works on survival NM hc mix mode but heavily relies on jester plus wheel killing the ogres for survival you will add 2 inferno traps to north for each trap stack and place a healing aura on lower bridge so it covers north and south towers it really helpful to get healed as u can take a beating u will also add a inferno trap to the far south where copters drop ogres into the lavamaking all quad trap stacks. it is semi afkable once everything is upgraded u will just need to use wheel every chance you get with jester and u will clear waves fine i stuffed up halfway to wave 35 accidently walked into lava so ogres piled up one randomly aggroed to crystal as there was to many piled up would not attempt this with a summoner active on the field only better off doing moonbase for armor farming 


been playing around with towers see what can be achieved might be hard getting exact placements viewing from planner alone might need to make video

First wave set all auras traps beams and reflects try to max a few beams and get full load of mana for 2nd wave so u can dump all minions 

2nd wave build all minions during this wave max out mages as priority then  do everything else 

3rd wave add strength buff gas and healing aura on top bridge this is to aid with phoenix boss

when the boss is out  you might need to kill it asap as defense may get over run if fight goes on for to long since enemies get even stronger the ogres are at 90 mil a jester may be handy can use wheel kill this will get rid of alot of ogres or heal defenses  

Hint 1 5 du buff beam 6 archers will go on this you will place a 4 du buff beam behind them this will keep them alive and wont interrupt healing the southside a cluster fuk of orcs the ogres agro to the archer line . behind them you will have a 4 du buff with one spider 2 mages. this location will have quad stack of traps to assist in massive dps (inferno gas prox and etherial) aura stack strength electric ensnare reflects infront of archer line and one on the side covering mages and archers from random copter missiles and djinn attacks auras placed in middle were the 2 lanes are


Hint 2 6 du buff at north this will go inbetween the rock over there on a angle u will have 2 triple stack of traps etherial gas and prox each corner off beam . try to build the minions close to each other so mage can heal everyone. have 3 archers paired up with a spider from left side of beam the mage will sit inbetween the rocks u will have to manually move him in there cant summon him there . Have another spider on other side of mage backed with 4 archers the auras will be placed to the left of the rock where that mage will be sitting in the middle of


Hint 3 have auras placed corner fence where timber of wood is the auras will still be touching beam  still as there large anyway this will inflict earlier damage to copter ogres delivering ogres some ogres get dumped into the lava cause the electric aura kills it before it can drop the ogre off on land haha. this will have a 4 du buff with 5 archers 2 pairs side by side archer spider and mage at back this will have triple stack of traps prox etherial and gas


hint 4 will have 4 du buff gas healing aura and strength aura the strength aura there to assist with random enemies dealing damage to you while boss is out this helps you survive more 


this map is rough i wouldnt bother attempting with 2k to 3.5k in tower damage across heroes summoner would need high health thats for sure 

DPS heroes recommended boost monk ev with good proton damage jester since wheel ability plus use of range weapon 

u will need to be careful with the troll harbingers they will be infront of reflects pretty much