Map: Akatiti Jungle

Monkey farm wave 18 or 23 start NM HC MM 1 to 4 player(high stats recommended)

Author: stealthkiller22

DU: 0/85 MU: 0/85

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Build Status: Public

Difficulty: Nightmare

Game Mode: Survival

Mix Mode: Yes

AFK Able: No

Mana Used: 0

Mana to Upgrade: 0

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Edit can start wave 23 with mix mode option turned off if running mix mode start from 18 or lower mix mode pointless for monkey anyway found out mix mode doesnt affect pet quality so build takes huge relief

Hint 1 6 du buff beam 8 archer on beam with spider in  the middle this beam will be placed a little bit out so ogre cant whack crystal . 5 du buff beam just infront of crystal mage on each end place towers first then fit mages in each corner so they can heal archers safely 1 prox and gas on minion wall. probably need 2k range on monk auras the auras will be placed close to tree so wyverns die. Make sure you place minion wall beam a bit further up otherwise ogres can whack crystal

5 du buff will hold 2 LTS one bowling turret the bowling turret real nice in this spot it pumps ogres and goes all the way down those stairs. LT will draw agro from ogres spawning from east side spawn giving some relief to the eastern wall so most ogres will pile up at west fireball added for dps against ogres pairing up with bowling turret these are my ogre killers 

Hint 2 reflect wall there for troll archers standard aura stack 6 du buff  on angle paired with 3 du ev wall  which will touch buff beam 2 archer mage spider 3 archer the buff beam will start near steps and finish near starting of steps where ev wall will close the gap

should have everything upped once you get to 20 then pop on dps pets i have minion wall beam at west maxed to 3 stars 2 upgrades in LT beam one star on east beam so up to 2nd last upgrade. once u start wave max LT beam then max east beam then come back and focus on upgrading west first east doesnt really take any beating maybe when there about 1k mob left start upgrading more at east if doing it solo which is what i do till it wave 24 once u bring in 4 players expect to see ogres over 200 mil tower boost monk at west is useful can have one hero at east which is lower maintainence 


If your stats arent to high prob best off running it solo so you deal with less mobs and less hp ogres i remember clearing this ages ago by running solo player but with lesser stats around 3.3k to 4.2k  in tower damage??  not sure what you can get away with  

 i have cleared wave 35 in past but there no point loot is crap for this map once i get monkey i just end run i only bring in the extra heroes once i get to wave 24 otherwise will stay solo on jester or have 2 active if i decide im to lazy to upgrade so i get someone to help me upgrade and they can stay and earn monkey


recommended heroes jester and boost monk if solo run with dps pets barb can be good just to clean up ogres as long as one hero either jester or monk