Map: Embermount Volcano

NMHC boss setup 4 LTS on bridge with Heal and strength near mine cart

Author: stealthkiller22

DU: 0/120 MU: 0/120

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Build Status: Public

Difficulty: Nightmare

Game Mode: Campaign

Hardcore: Yes

AFK Able: No

Mana Used: 0

Mana to Upgrade: 0

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first wave set all buff beams /reflect walls/traps/auras focus on 3 star each beam while saving full tank of mana for 2nd wave mostly south and north to be maxed it okay if other 2 beams not maxed yet . set adept LT with remaining mana

2nd wave build all minions with full reserve of mana if you still have time left build LTS otherwise build LTS on third wave depending on your summoner cast rate and how quick u move cause u will need move mage inbetween rock at north and if u running out of time to set every minion just finish it off next wave you will be okay


Hint 1 archer side by 2 pair of 2 with spider behind them and just one mage inbetween rock where beam will be on a angle north doesnt take much damage so on first wave focus on upgrading south then next wave focus on north. aura placed left of rock where mage will sit inbetween that rock and rope. 

Hint 2 5 man archer formation one on the end followed by 2 pairs of 2 one spider each behind them with 3 mages in the middle . set prox in the center where mages will be gas trap on each end of beam if ogres agro to crystal on south or north means u placed beam wrong for them to focus on minions 

hint 3  4 LTS one gas for troll djinns 4 reflects covering LTS set on bridge

hint 4 heal and strength to assist with boss and survivability if u run out of mana it is safe to jump down and go down near defenses make sure you jumping around alot when collecting mana best to go back up to heal aura zone through air pad thingy safest way without dying be very careful of harbingers when making a trip downstairs 


Recommended DPS heroes  jester from every wave for upgrading purposes and some use of wheel if defenses look like it in trouble since low upgrades

hybrid boost monk or boost monk will be fine 

Series EV 

jester with range wep use of heal defenses or wheel kill 

max resists if possible would need it for this boss 

recommended pets monkey cat or fairy i really like a monkey on a monk especially when you make trips downstairs since the healing plus it long range shooting can hit phoenix when it far away .


works up to 4 players recommended doing 2 or 3 at best otherwise strong ev required with cat and boost for 3 or 4 man since defenses can get over run

high health on summoner would be needed this map is tough

Stats used 

my trapper and summoner is about 5.7k to 6k in tower damage summoner has 4k health

adept 5k tower damage 3.5k rate 

auras at 5k tower damage i have 2700 range

this map is rough so maybe 4k needed in damage ogres health are pretty high and it gets bumped up even higher once boss is out my minions were holding the wall fine with many trips downstairs it mainly south that gets hit hard so if boss isnt killed and u make trip downstairs just tower boost and jump around then head back up to finish off boss . A serie ev paired with a monk would kill boss fast