Map: Winter Wonderland

Squire is the true king bowling turret special with 3 LTS

Author: stealthkiller22

DU: 0/140 MU: 0/140

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Build Status: Public

Difficulty: Nightmare

Game Mode: Campaign

Hardcore: Yes

AFK Able: No

Mana Used: 0

Mana to Upgrade: 0

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EDit: modified to have more bowling turrets previously 4 were being used now have 5 bowling turrets removed gas at east and changed beam length to

 if running solo change order of tower u set for example i would get minions done earlier

first wave set all auras and beams in build phase and all traps should get all done if you got fast tower pets if not just add traps next wave . focus on upgrading north and south beams also the 5 du buff beam which will hold 3 bowling and 3 LTS

2nd wave set 3  Lts and 5 bowling turrets

3rd wave set minions on build phase

4th wave set mages if u didnt get them down last wave . archers dont need any healing for early waves  plus most mobs die from LTS and bowling as waves progress

add spiders if u want if lazy dont worry about it 

Hint 1 make sure the buff beam is very short

hint 2 couple buff beams here mages do not have to be on beam not required up to you they are mostly their for healing purposes of minions and heros so a heal aura becomes pointless with couple mages 

Hint 3 made 6 du buff just so traps can be closer to spawn zone this speeds up time and also hits mobs alot earlier 

- 6 mages used you can use more up to you 

- make sure you max out traps so mobs take full damage also so u get max charge count

- stats required probably  over 3k  to 3.5 k in damage minimum?? 2.2k  2.5k aura range ?? if you have issues i would recommend modifying build to cater for your stats this is after all a guideline some idea for you guys the map is old aswell its not as tough compared to the latest maps

- stat used summoner and trapper squire around 5.8 to 6k in damage auras at 5k same as adept 

my minions have 4k health but lower will suffice as u will have mages healing and heaps of mu available so set more mages  if your summoner not super strong i am estimating probably 2.5k health or less would be fine ogres are not crazy high anyway

- snowman health goes down pretty quick with tower boost monk thanks to bowling turrets  the other hero bosses get pumped to 

Recommended heros everyone dps wise best heros for quicker times monk boost and jester for wheel rolling

proton beam ev will be quickest with hero boost off monk and cat

this works 1 to 4 players