Map: Silent Night

Silent Night Made Simple

Author: Mv

DU: 0/160 MU: 0/160

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Build Status: Public

Difficulty: Nightmare

Game Mode: Campaign

Hardcore: Yes

AFK Able: No

Time Per Run: 35~40 minutes

Mana Used: 0

Mana to Upgrade: 0

More Builds from Mv

Wave 1:
- Start playing with a Hunter
- Rush to the most nearby chest and start building those Gas Traps (8 Gas Traps total right at first building phase; check the green arrows to have some idea of the order you should build them, starting from the double headed arrow; there will always be a chest nearby so pick all chests while you go building the Gas Traps)
- Swap to Summoner and start building Archers (build 1 Archer in every place in as many places as you can, you will finish building them in the battle phase while you deliver presents
OBS.: I suggest using a Summoner and a Jester at battle phase of wave 1, so your jester can fastly get 2020 mana and bring it for your summoner, that mana will be used to build everything else as the game goes

Wave 2:
- Swap from Summoner to Monk since you already built every minion you needed, now build those 4 stacks of Auras (Ensnare, Lightning, Strength) in the spots marked with hint 1
- Swap from Monk to a Jester that has 0 Tower Range, now while you deliver presents with your Jester you will move all the Auras from hint 1 to where every hint 2 are (make sure all your minions, except for center, are inside the Auras)

Wave 3:
- Swap from Jester to EV and build all the Buff beams (always 4 DU) EXCEPT for the 2 Buff Beams right at the center, you won't have enough DU to do that right now
- Swap from EV to an upgrader Jester, now while you deliver presents you will have to put every Buff Beam at 3 stars

Wave 4:
- Swap from Jester to EV, build those 2 Buff Beams you were missing at the center of the map
- Swap from EV to Jester, the building is done, just deliver the presents while roll heal in your Wheel O' Fortuna from time to time to make sure your Auras won't die

Wave 5:
- Deliver more presents

Wave 6:
- Use a Barbarian and a Monk DPS at this wave to kill the bosses (or an EV if you prefer). Just deliver some more presents and then bring your two characters to where hint 3 is, that's where you will kill the main boss, then just finish off the remaining 4 Mega Snowmen, completing the map. Congratulations!
OBS.: There are no ogres during the boss battle nor crystals to defend, but there will be a lot of ogres during the delivering phase, so i highly suggest taking a Jester as a 3rd character to keep healing everything with Wheel O' Fortuna, the 4th character is whatever.