Map: Embermount Volcano

Mv's Flames of Rebirth

Author: Mv

DU: 0/120 MU: 0/120

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Build Status: Public

Difficulty: Nightmare

Game Mode: Campaign

Hardcore: Yes

AFK Able: No

Mana Used: 0

Mana to Upgrade: 0

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Build Strategy:
- Wave 1: Auras, Beams, Minions, Harpoon, 1 LT
- During the first wave, make sure to upgrade fastly the Buff Beam of the Harpoon and the south's Buff Beam; save mana for next build phase
- Wave 2: Sell the LT you built in the first wave and stack 9 LTs in its place

Battle Strategy:
There will be a small Phoenix in every wave, if you dont kill it or the wave doesn't finishs before the 25 seconds countdown ends, then it will become a normal boss Phoenix and the wave will not end until you have killed it. Every time you kill a SMALL Phoenix, it will revive after a little while. So what you want to do is make sure the wave ends before the 25 seconds countdown is over (killing the small Phoenix basically just resets this 25 seconds countdown).

There are two very easy and efficient ways i found to deal with this challenge:
1) Solo Strategy: Tower Booster Monk + DPS Jester with a Propeller Cat
- Phoenix will spawn at Hint 1, so your Jester should start the wave at Hint 2 to start attacking it right away
- You won't need to kill the Phoenix a single time in the first wave, so just use an upgrader Jester in the first wave.
- In the second wave, use a DPS Jester plus an upgrader Jester. Kill the Phoenix right away with your DPS (should take around 3~10 seconds) and then use your other Jester to upgrade the LTs and Harpoon. Use the mana in the floor at the end of wave to upgrade the Healing Aura and the LTs if you didn’t upgrade all of them yet.
- Remove your upgrader Jester and add your Tower Booster Monk in the third wave onwards.
- Whenever the Phoenix dies, continue upgrading your LTs with the mana your Monk will be gathering. *Obs.: Avoid sitting in the LTs, sit near the minions instead (Hint 3), so any fireballs shot by the Phoenix won't have the risk of destroying your towers.
- You will need to kill the small Phoenix 2 times from the second wave onwards, so make sure your DPS Jester is ready to act whenever needed (Phoenix will always spawn and respawn at Hint 1)
- Make sure to upgrade LTs, Harpoon and the Healing Aura, as well as all Buff Beams. Minions and other Auras don't need to be upgraded.

2) Co-op Strategy: Host will use a DPS Jester with a genie (equipped with a DPS weapon and a weapon to gather mana) and the helper will use a DPS/Hero Booster Monk with a Propeller Cat
- Phoenix will spawn at Hint 1, so your Jester and the Monk should start the wave at Hint 2 to start attacking it right away
- You won't need to worry about killing the Phoenix in the first wave, so both players should just upgrade all Buff Beams, the Harpoon and the Healing Aura. Remember to save mana to build more LTs at wave 2
- From wave 2 onwards, just kill the Phoenix immediately and run down to upgrade the LTs with your Jester (while the Monk keep sitting in the "bridge" above the map waiting for the small Phoenix to respawn
- After every Lightning Tower, Harpoon Turret, Buff Beam and Healing Aura is upgraded to 3 stars, IF the Jester is able to, the Jester should swap his pet for a Propeller Cat and kill the small Phoenix by itself while the other player swap to a Tower Booster Monk to boost the LTs (try to avoid sitting right on them, sit a bit away [Hint 3] so, in case the Phoenix starts spamming fireballs, the LTs won't have the risk of being destroyed)