Map: The Throne Room

Campaign The Throne Room Squire-only solo Insane HC

Author: BlasiuS

DU: 0/100 MU: 0/100

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Build Status: Public

Difficulty: Insane

Game Mode: Campaign

AFK Able: No

Mana Used: 0

Mana to Upgrade: 0

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Squire-only solo Insane HC build for The Throne Room. No bought/traded items, self-found only.


  • Level points should be:
    • Enough to get +99 speed
    • The rest equally into +Tower Health and +Tower Damage
  • By this level you will most likely need to be level 60, to equip Godly gear.
  • For armor, you should have the following:
    • Full set equipped for set bonus
    • Every piece should be Godly
    • Every piece should have +Tower Health and +Tower Damage
  • strongly recommend having either a Legendary or Godly weapon that's upgraded as much as your mana bank can allow.  The Goblin Mech boss is most easily dealt with using a DPS weapon.

Map Strategy:

  • 6 blockades block off entrances to the crystal
  • The middle left and middle right spawns are the strongest.  All ogres spawn from these points, and the Goblin Mech boss spawns from the left one.  You want your strongest defenses here.
  • You should have all 8 middle defenses up to level 4.  The rest can be left at level 2 (assuming here you are using a full Godly set and you are leveling your character according to the guide)
  • When the boss appears, run straight to it, turn on your Blood Rage, and simply DPS him down.  The more upgraded your weapon is, the easier it will be.