Map: Servants Quarters

Beginner leveling route Part 2

Author: Ƭσяк

DU: 0/85 MU: 0/85

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Required Hero Stats
Hero HP Damage Range Rate
Ev 10 50 0 0

Build Status: Public

Difficulty: Insane

Game Mode: Campaign

AFK Able: No

XP Per Run: 200k

Time Per Run: 5-10 minutes

Mana Used: 0

Mana to Upgrade: 0

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This is Part 2 of my personal leveling route getting characters from fresh to 74 in under a few hours depending on how much i focus or what limitations i put on my self. I hope that it will, in turn, help newer players get into the later game a bit faster and potentially keep their/your attention to the game longer w/o losing motivation for the earlier parts with a sense of direction. Takes from scratch upto 6 hours last I ran, but i focused a lot on the early game stats more than I should have wasting time.

This map is 4 levels after Deeper Well and will require a boss kill so to keep things easy your best bet is to run the next few maps on easy after Deeper Well if you don't already have this map unlocked.

Meant for 4 control split-screen leveling if you want levels in a timely manner, if not then best to have your EV leveled before leveling others since when you're off character you have a damage penalty.

Run this 2 times at least on hard before moving onto Insane difficulty ideally with Summoner, Monk/Initiate, and Apprentice/Adept in the game leeching exp. Do 10 Tower Damage / 1 Tower HP on the EV.

*As i recently when back to this I highly recommend you also do a few added runs to level a tower boost monk and grab some hero stat armour with ability 1 to make your Moonbase life significantly easier cracking into and Kings Game. Otherwise i highly recommend maining the monk once your EV is 70 since that's all you need for Easy-Hard fish with hard fish's giving 100-600 stats and leveling it later for 74+. Once your EV has about 125 tower HP and 150 Tower Damage you shouldn't have to worry about repairing just upgrade buff beams, or not should be good either way.

This build is meant to be routed for Insane, so start on Hard this will give you a sense of what to do for Insane. Run this until your characters are 60 and feel free to grab godly armour. If you do split screen your EV should be close to if not 70 by the time your alts hit 60.

Stat prio while gearing/level points when looking for gear will be.

Apprentice/Adept - range 2x Damage and Rate with HP being little to no prio before Hard, your towers shouldn't take damage anyway. For example 2 range 1 damage 1 attack speed 0 HP for towers. Hp will come with gear for the first little bit range is so much value up to about 750 then damage and attack rate take over imo.

Monk/Initiate - Range 2x Damage and HP with rate being put in every sixth range. For example 6 range 3 damage 3 HP 1 Rate for towers. Like the Apprentice/Adept range is so much value for towers early on and especially for Auras and Traps except these you generally want to get a range of 2000-4000 on before Damage takes over depending on who you ask.

Summoner - If you thought the range was going to be highest early on you're mistaken, while still very good for most heroes early on this once pretty much follows how it needs to later on. Damage and HP at a 3x the others. For Example 3 damage 3 HP 1 rate 1 range for towers. Most of the time they're used as walls anyways.

These stat priorities will change as you gear and should be an early game reference before 1k+ stats.

Hint 5: Chests. The chest with a green arrowhead is a non-respawn chest so i Opt to save it for additional loot at the end of the level.

Hint 4: Problem Lanes if you're unable to kill these lanes, but still survive to round 2 from manually killing them then you can continue. Realistically every lane is a problem except for the northwest lane(unless you build wrong like me >.>), Wave 1 it's always the worst wave.

Hint 3: The starting point. Follow the yellow and blue arrows into the chests building 1 Beam on each lane marked DIRECTLY as Hint 1. Yellow is from start Blue turns around leading to back lanes. You'll have enough mana to build a second beam on any one of the problem lanes I build it on the far east south but if you're having a problem with any of the other lanes you can double up on them round 1.

Hint 1: Wave 1 marked beams

After that build all the beams and then tower buffs once you hit level 20. In between each wave look for gear with Run Speed, Cast Speed, Tower Damage, and Tower Health. run and cast being the most important. Once you have at least 50 Tower damage and 5 Tower HP on the EV you'll be fine to do insane. Without run speed and cast speed it's very tight to have everything built before wave 1 starts on insane so try to get random pieces with a bit of that. Check tavern shop for potential low-level pets with tower stats and run or cast speed in between games, lock pets that may be too expensive if you feel it's worth it. Pets gain free levels as you level so don't bother dumping money into them let them get levels off your experience.