Map: Infested Ruins

I hate items falling into the abyss (4p AFK Infested Survival) Updated 08/25/2020

Author: Sleepy

DU: 0/140 MU: 0/140

Disable Tower | Highlight Tower (Not Working for Chrome):
Required Hero Stats
Hero HP Damage Range Rate
Apprentice 1000 8000 3700 3900
Monk 3000 4000 6700 2700

Build Status: Public

Difficulty: Any

Game Mode: Survival

Mix Mode: Yes

AFK Able: No

Time Per Run: 60-65m cbt;5-10m bld

Mana Used: 0

Mana to Upgrade: 0

More Builds from Sleepy

Not fully optimized and still a WIP. Works like a charm so far though.

When considering the number of extra mobs spawned versus the amount of time to run + setup/looting, it's fairly comparable to 2p armor farms. Plus more health on the bugs = more chance for them to survive till land.



  • More time spent not paying attention to the game due to more enemies to kill
  • More bug drops on land
  • Less number of times needing to setup everything again
  • More mana
  • Don't need to upgrade the minions (unless you are lacking in minion HP)


  • Less wave 35 rewards (because not completing the map as fast)
  • Requires minions



  • Place a summoner somewhere around the southern Hint 4 with two dps pets or a healer/dps (this is an optional placement and an optional summoner). I just do a Djinn/Cracker with cast rate summoner so that I can upgrade here and there. Drops/hour efficiency-wise, 4p seems better than 3p in this case.
  • Use App/Huntress guardian summoners on the three tower stacks (except have the summoner for Hint 1 on the right side on the ground). App/Huntress (rather than Monk/Huntress) will help is to minimize killing the bugs before they get to land and also clear the enemies on land faster.
  • Make sure that the range on the monk's aura isn't too large to avoid having the ensnare overlap the spawns.
  • Arrows for DSTs.
  • Explaining reasoning for everything else is a pain in the butt. Use your intuition.

Extra Notes (08/25/2020)

  • To have the west and south bugs fly straight onto land rather than meander in the air before coming to land:
    • Have the southern Hint 4 summoner go to the northwest Hint 4 spot instead. This will make the western bugs fly straight to land. You can only do this if your minions on the southwest have enough HP to handle getting pummeled by the mobs.
      • Make sure this summoner doesn't have pets that have both the range and damage to agro the Ogres.
    • Have the summoner on Hint 3 off the tower stack and in the beginning portion of the crevice (between the alcove pillar and the statue). This will make the southern bugs fly straight to land. Make sure that the towers and this summoner are in a place where it can still buff the towers with the guardians.
    • You don't have to worry about the northeast bugs coming straight to land as the loot they drop into the pit there can be picked up in the Summoner's Overlord mode.