Map: Moonbase

Fresh account/Beginner leveling Part 6

Author: Ƭσяк

DU: 0/105 MU: 0/105

Disable Tower | Highlight Tower (Not Working for Chrome):
Required Hero Stats
Hero HP Damage Range Rate
Apprentice 500 1750 1600 1500
Monk 1000 1500 1500 1000
Ev 500 600 500 500
Summoner 1500 1500 1500 1500

Build Status: Public

Difficulty: Insane

Game Mode: Campaign

AFK Able: No

XP Per Run: 4m-15m

Time Per Run: 15 minutes

Mana Used: 0

Mana to Upgrade: 0

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This is Part 6 of my personal leveling route getting characters from fresh to 74 in under a few hours depending on how much i focus or what limitations i put on my self. I hope that it will, in turn, help newer players get into the later game a bit faster and potentially keep their/your attention to the game longer w/o losing motivation for the earlier parts with a sense of direction. Takes from scratch upto 6 hours last I ran, but i focused a lot on the early game stats more than I should have wasting time.

This is Semi-AFK. I can't list it, but this build is with a boost monk 1500+ Tower boost atleast for insane. All the stats are just what i had after getting fish and a king's game run in with little to no problems. Can easily be completed in 10 mins if you g up quick and upgrade w/o boost for the first few waves. Feel free to do this on hard once to get a feel for it.

I added this build since you get pretty decent mythics+ in a short time along with more fish and potentially good weapons on top of it, but i still recommend 1 Kings Game run to get sets of mythics to make this map easy and faster on insane. Either way you can skip Kings Game and gear/level here on hard/Insane.

This works best with stacking so, if you can stack do it, otherwise do your best to fit the towers.

Hint 1: Aura stacks. Middle northernwestish one on the bottom by the crystal i put it on the thin rail that curves into the stairs to let you run south, but shouldn't need the elevation before NM. Try to get the top buff beam to connect to it and the northern most aura stack, slightly difficult on NM.

Hint 2: I used blue lines to simulate buff beam 4DU, stack if you can, but if not make sure the towers fit atleast. Try not to put minions too close to the crystal in the event an ogre decides to cleave them and ends up hitting the crystal if you can help it.

Hint 3: Once again I used blue lines to simulate buff beam 4DU, stack if you can, but if not make sure the towers fit atleast.

Hint 4: Ogre spawn points along with black markers to show their pathings, I added spiders through the level to increase the damage they take, feel free to add or swap the spiders or fill out MU if you feel the need/want to after basic archer stacks are made.

Hint 5: General monk boost standing area make sure to hit Deadly Strikers and lightning towers on top, occasionally check on bottom stack for repairs from ogres.

This build is good for NM also once you have higher stats and use a huntress and apprentice guardians on a summoner boosting the top DST/LT stack, also when the boost monk can hit all the towers(Assuming they're stacked top and bottom towers).

Most of the mana for this build can be gotten with the respawnable chests and DDR machine going for a score of 42 (The score you need for a treadmill on a treadmill can only be gotten on NM difficulty). You can get all the mana if you get a higher score around 100+, but it's tight to build all towers and summons so I usually build summons round 2.

That's it, there's plenty of guides on what to do going past the 74 point this 5 part router should help you narrow the gap of what to do before farming and open a lot of doors outside of bosses. The fusion rifts you get here can help you make an early game jester DPS for killing bosses don't expect one off of insane to carry you though the game, but you can still get a good starter weapon. I really hope this helps accelerate you into the late game and I might make more down the line as I enjoy restarting and trying to get back into a good spot.

If you do (and I highly recommend you do) use a split screen emulator I'd recommend leveling a Trap Huntress, DPS/wheel/upgrade jester, DPS/Hero boost monk, Pet based summoners (like double DPS pets/Double guardians), Beam DPS Series EV, and anything else. Seeing as it's over 10m per run, getting to 74 is only a few runs which is where most classes come online to some extent. The highest exp. I got on NM in a 10 minute run was about 33.5m with an alt using a DPS pet gaining bonus exp. for only using weapons and getting first kill. That's around 6 runs/h, if you're vigilant netting you close to 200m/h ontop of some, top of the line gear in terms of fusion rifts, guardians, random mythic-ult gear, and genies.

Look for Apprentice, Huntress, and Monk Guardians these are damage, attack rate, and radius respectively. You can quite easily find guardians that blow the maximum out of the water, so look for guardians that go to or over the cap and have atleast 40 upgrades. Then look for Hero health and anything else you feel that character needs you're putting it on whether that's ability 1/2, run speed, cast rate, tower stats, etc.

  • The Defense Damage Boost stat is functionally capped at 40 (~2.7x damage), with anything over this being wasted stats just for show.
  • The guardian might waste its boosting effect on structures that gain no benefit from it, like the Magic Blockade - so it needs to be positioned precisely to affect towers which can use its boost.