Map: The Tinkerers Lab

Insane Chicken Farm (LTs only, no minions)

Author: Plane

DU: 0/145 MU: 0/145

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Build Status: Public

Difficulty: Insane

Game Mode: Survival

Mix Mode: No

AFK Able: Yes

Mana Used: 0

Mana to Upgrade: 0

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Ensnares on west and northeast only, because these two locations have copters that can endanger crystals.  Normal copter ogres cannot damage crystals, but copter mini-ogres on TL can.  The ensnares may not be necessary depending on your stats.

Center buff is 5 DU, the rest of the buffs are minimum size.  You may want to upgrade buffs before hitting 'g'.

If you start on wave 32, this is fairly easy and takes 16 minutes or so including build time.  There isn't much to build and you can finish upgrading during the first wave without help.  However, keep an eye on the health of the 5 DU walls in southeast and northeast, as they may need a repair now and then.  Make sure to upgrade the walls marked with "Hint 1"; I don't upgrade any of the other walls.

Use six huntresses on the final wave for a decent chance at ult lupine bows.

Spader44 and I came up with this build together.